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Bali Outfit ideas

I went to Bali for the first time this year and I had no idea what to pack! I knew it was going to be hot but then also colder if you were further in land or wanting to do hikes. Packing for a three week trip can be pretty daunting so I thought I would help take the stress out.

I did some things wrong and some things right so I can help you get the perfect mix!

What to consider when packing

The first thing you need to ask yourself before packing for Bali is what kind of traveller are you. Then you need to figure out what type of things you will want to do in Bali.

For our first trip we were very focused on beach and pool activities, going to restaurants and beach bars and exploring Nusa Penida.

Other people might want to visit more temples, hike a volcano or go to waterfalls. You need to know in order to pack the right type of clothes!

I packed a lot of bikinis, skirts, dresses and shorts which would work for a laid back week in Canggu or a few days in Nusa Penida. It won’t work though if you want to go to religious sights or climb mountains in the early morning.

What to wear in Bali

Beach and pool

I only took two swimsuit with to Bali and ended up buying another inexpensive one there. You don’t really need loads of different ones. I had a plain black bikini I wore almost all the time as well as one full swimsuit. The black one was well fitted so it wouldn’t bother me when swimming, jumping off things or running around! I like being active so it was definitely a must.


The markets I visited in Canggu and Ubud where extremely relaxed. Most people wore casual clothes and loose sun dresses as well as shorts and tees seemed to be the outfits of choice. I would always say be respectful especially at local markets and don’t go wearing a bikini etc

Beach bars and restaurants

Just like the shopping the bars and restaurants also seem to be very laid back. I think I saw one person in heels so don’t bother packing any! Cute dresses with sandals seemed to be the go to and if you need some then there are plenty of stores to help out.


For temples you do need to cover up. There are even temples in the Sacred Monkey forest in Ubud so always keep a scarf or sarong handy. The easiest option is to wear a dress that covers your shoulders and knees when visiting sacred sights. If you can’t do that then take two big scarfs or sarongs and tie one around your waist and put one over your shoulders!

This comes in handy when you have a full day of doing other activities like hiking etc.


There are hikes in Bali and you will definitely want to do them so pack accordingly. The mount Batur sunrise hike can especially get cold. Pack good trail shoes ( usually trainers are too slippery ) as well as a weatherproof jacket. So many people don’t know it can get really cold in Bali and you don’t want to be one of them!


We did a lot of exploring and I feel that I was fine in almost everything I wore. Skirts with crop tops, shorts and dresses. All I needed was my sturdy waterproof sandals and I was good to go.

TOP TIP – It might be hot during the day but some months can be cooler in the mornings and evenings.  Pack a light jacket to pop on over your clothes especially when driving on a scooter!

Essential items

Here is my list of essential items you must back when heading to Bali!

  • Sturdy waterproof sandals
  • Loose dresses ( best to wear when it’s super humid outside! )
  • A few swimsuits
  • Light weatherproof jacket ( a windbreaker etc )
  • Good trail shoes
  • Clothing items that will cover your shoulders and knees
  • Two sarongs or big scarves
  • Denim shorts
  • Hiking clothes
  • A rash vest if you plan on surfing
  • Long sleeve loose shirt ( great for wearing while driving scooter )
  • Long loose pants for going out at night
  • Crop tops to pop on over your bikini for beach side bars
  • Skirts

5 cute Bali Outfit ideas

Here are some cute Bali outfit ideas if you are like me and wanted loads of cute photos everywhere. I mostly wore dresses with crop tops and bikinis because we were constantly at the beach or in the pool!



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