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There are plenty of places for instagram photos in Nusa Penida but to get those iconic shots you have to visit these 8 locations! Nusa Penida is a small island off the coast of Bali and the 40 minute bumpy fast boat ride, the dodgy roads and the lack of good signal is all worth it when you see the spectacular views. Each one of the places I have listed below literally took my breath away and after a few moments of wow my camera was happily snapping away.

If you want to visit all these places in one day like we did you have to stay over at least two nights and get yourself a driver. It takes a lot longer on the pot hole filled roads with a scooter and you will probably be too hot and bothered to see everything.

Diamond beach

Diamond beach, named after the gigantic diamond shaped rocks on it’s coast is a sight to behold. A stairway carved into the rocks will lead you down to the blindingly white beach with crystal clear water and swaying palm trees down below. I am pretty sure you wont even get as far as the stairs before you feel the need to strike a pose. I found that the best time to go was around midday ( this changes slightly with the time of the year ) as the beach was nicely lit up from behind with minimal shadows to ruin your photo.

There are so many places for instagram photos at Nusa Penida but Diamond beach will leave you with bangers as there is so much to take photos of!

Top viewpoint

Before you head down look for a grassy patch to the left of the stairs. Here you can get an uninterrupted view of the beach down below. This shot is best for sitting down or setting up your tripod for a couples shot!


The stairs is a really iconic shot from Diamond beach. The carved white rounded walls give it a greek feel. The views down below will also make it seem like you are all alone! Just be aware that you will probably have to wait either in a line or for someone else to finish their shot. We didn’t wait long and everyone tried to get their shot quickly, letting people pass if they wanted.

Swing & Nest

When you get down to the bottom of Diamond beach the first thing you will encounter is a swing and a nest. These have become super popular in Bali and there is a reason. They make for awesome instagram photos! The swing is 100.000 IDR and the nest 50.000 IDR. I opted to just go on the swing and it was actually insanely cool. You get about ten swings or ten pushes so actually a few more swings. When you are cruising over the perfect turquoise water your troubles definitely disappear! Just remember to have someone to capture your moments of bliss! A wide angle lens or gopro works best for the shots on the swing. A shot from lower down also ensure that you get some good pal tree action!


Lastly you will get to the perfectly white pretty impressive beach. Walking with the impressive diamond shaped rocks in the distance is always a winner. You can also get some amazing drone shots from this spot.

Atuh beach

Walk down a seemingly endless amount of stairs and you will eventually get to a lovely relaxed beach with a pretty special secret. Pastel umbrellas will lure you to warungs with cold beer and yummy treats. Skip those ( for now ) and head to the end of the beach. From there you will see a pretty cool view! A gaping hole on the middle of a rather pointy rock jutting out of the ocean. This makes for some great shots whichever way you go about it.

Thousand island viewpoint

Very close to Diamond beach is the Thousand island viewpoint. Another hit when it comes to places to visit for instagram photos in Nusa Penida. This view point doesn’t only boast a spectacular view from the other side of Diamond beach. It is also home to a pretty epic and very photogenic airbnb. ( Click here for $40 off your first booking for any airbnb across the world! ) These little treehouses definitely have a view going for them as well as a lot of people wanting to take photos.

It does cost 10.000 IDR to enter and then down another billion ( or so  😛 ) steps. If you are lucky there will be no line but we had to wait quite a while, in the afternoon to get a photo at the treehouse. There are two other cool spots there though! One in between the treehouses you will find a path and an open patch. There will be an unspoilt view to take some great photos. Next is the view right at the top where you look down at the crazy bright blue water down below.

This stop is not on everyones Nusa Penida agenda but I will recommend going there.

Broken Beach

The most popular places to get instagram photos on Nusa Penida is undoubtedly on the West Coast. Here you can find the very famous, Kelingking, Angels billabong and Broken beach. It might not sound like much but broken beach is pretty epic. Basically a hole  filled with bright blue water gushing in and out from a magnificent arched entrance. The waves crashed and swirled and it was quite awe inducing.

We got here very early as we started our day tour at 6am. The light was still perfect and our driver even got some couples shots of us! This is also the perfect place to put your drone up. A shot from straight above gives you the effect of a bright blue eye staring at you. Then if you stand on top of the arch you can get one hell of an epic selfie! Getting here before the day trippers also meant we had no one else in our photos which is always a vibe.

Angels billabong

Angels billabong is a natural tidal pool on the same path as Broken Beach. With the surrounding rock looking like something from Game of Thrones and the tidal pool water being a gem coloured turquoise it really does make for a pretty picture. This spot might look tranquil especially on a nice day but be warned. It is actually really dangerous with freak waves hitting the tidal pool from time to time. It get’s even more dangerous at high tide when the ocean can easily sweep you over the edge. People have actually died here so now you are not allowed to venture to the bottom

People disregard the rules but don’t be one of them just to get a shot!


The end all be all of a trip to Nusa Penida is definitely the very well known Kellingking aka T-Rex photo. It is the type of place you could spend the whole day and some if given the chance. Views so impressive it will make your jaw drop and different things to see in every direction. Come just after sunrise to get it all to yourself! You definitely don’t need sun to have insanely blue water as I thought was the case.

You are going to want to hold your excitement and yourself together and think straight to et all the shots! Bang for your buck is of the essence! Everyone’s first call of duty is the cement platform with possibly the best view of old T-rex and the beach. When you are done there you can move on to the I am climbing ( up or down ) these awful health and safety devoid steps.

Before those there is a tree, I won’t mention it too much as I don’t think its safe to climb unless you are able to do unassisted pull ups. But yeah, there is a tree… Make your way down the dodgy “steps” to the mid section just before the insanely steep climb down to the beach. It has the perfect area to launch your drone and get a shot of you standing there that’s so fire it might just make your feed explode.

Although we did not have time to go all the way down to the beach it apparently has an epic cave area for some super cool shots. It also has the perfect shade of water for top down drone shots of yourself lazing on the sand.

Check out my post – Ultimate Guide To Kelingking! 

Crystal bay beach

Crystal bay is the place most people head to just before it’s time to catch the fast boat back to main land. We were however lucky enough to have stayed in the bay. A smallish beach with a pretty view and lots of places to have a beer. Its not my favorite beach by a long shot but it was a pretty cool place to watch sunset. After you pick up a bag of rubbish of the beach it also makes for some good walking on the beach without a care in the world ( other than the plastic ) photos.

Palm tree road

So I am cheating a little bit as this palm lined road is really close to Crystal bay beach. It is actually the road leading from the beach towards the Crystal Bay village. It is also the entire reason I booked our accommodation in Crystal bay.

This palm lined road had made it’s way into all my day dreams and although the real thing was slightly different it was still awesome. I thought quiet road leading to unspoilt beach. i got wonky road with pigs, chickens and dogs running around tormenting me. Ok so the animals were actually pretty chill but the road was indeed busier than expected.

Top tip – Do not attempt these photos between 3 – 4:30 pm as there will be the longest line of cars waiting to take the day tourists back to the harbour from their last stop. As if by magic they all disappear an hour or so before sunset which is good news for your instagram.

The best way to get a really epic shot here is by drone. Wait until the light starts pouring through the palm trees and face your camera towards the beach. That is when the magic will start happening.

I cannot however promise you how long this road will stay magical. They had already flattened a good bit of beautiful palm tree areas to make a parking lot for the drivers. Funny isn’t it how people are coming for something but because of that it’s actually ruining the exact thing they are coming for? They paved paradise to put up a parking lot it seems…




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